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Hydraulics Plus manufactures the toughest Municipal Snow Plow Angle Cylinder available. The features and improvements designed into this cylinder came about from input from municipal plow builders and mechanics. The key features include:

  • 1/4 inch cylinder wall. – Most cylinders available this size have a 3/16 inch wall which will balloon or rupture with pressure spikes.
  • 5/8 inch base. – Another weak point on most cylinders is the base which is prone to crack or rupture under the extreme conditions plows are put through. Our base is thicker with stronger welds to eliminate this problem.
  • Screw in gland. – Some cylinders are manufactured with a snap ring gland retainer that is also known to fail. When this occurs the gland is propelled out of the cylinder shearing the through wall fitting. The screw in gland also makes it easier to service or rebuild the cylinder.
  • 3/8 inch wall rod eye and base cross tube. – Thicker and attached with stronger welds than any other cylinder.
  • Welded ports. – Our welds are the strongest in the industry.
  • Various base options. – Our basic cylinder comes without a base end. Tangs or cross tubes are available to attach in various configurations to adapt to different plow designs. Our tangs are cut out of 1 inch steel plate which we can be attached to customer specifications.
  • Optional Lengths. – The standard cylinder has a 20 inch stroke. 16, 24 inch and custom length strokes are also available.

The Hydraulics Plus custom municipal snow plow angle cylinder is designed and manufactured for years of trouble free service in the harshest conditions. We also manufacture or supply many other snow plow hydraulic components and accessories that include: lift cylinders, angle cylinders, gate cylinders, sander motors, relief valves, flow control valves, control valves, spinner disks, lights and markers. We also supply spreaders, wet kits and pickup snow plow parts. Hydraulics Plus is your snow plow part headquarters.

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